Competitia blogului cu instagramul

Astazi avem puterea internetului la picioarele noastre. Multi dintre noi ne luam inspiratia de la oamenii din jur, folosing retelele sociale.

Dar deseori intalnim situatii in care ne punem intrebari. Si scriem acasta intrebare pe Google. Iar raspunsurile vin in functie de relevanta, sau de cat se bine si-au format detinatorii de blog sau site-uri un anumit public tinta. Cei ce si-au propus sa raspunda fix la la intrebarea cea mai pusa de un anumit grup de persoane si au ghicit ce isi doreste publicul tinta sa afle, vor fi castigatori.

Iar castigatorii ofera de obicei si solutiile la problema.

Asadar este important sa avem un public tinta spre care sa oferim solutii si aceste solutii sa fie contracost. Pentru ca domeniul in care ne-am specializat a fost costisitor, a durat mult, iar noi meritam compensatie. Credem in solutia pe care o oferim si primim si remuneratie pentru acest lucru.

Mult succes! Alexandra

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Take time to imagine yourself as a successfull person

Everything you create you will create it twice. First in your mind, second in the real life.

Change your paradigms every day. Your results are the things that are showing your beliefs and your paradigms. look at your results to understand if you want to change your paradigms.

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setting up a goal

It is essential to set up a goal in order to succeed. And the best part is that the setting up a goal is that the fears appear the moment you start to think about your goals. If you will overcome your fears you will evolve.

Spend time with succes people. You become the average of the 5 people you spend the most your time with. And most people will say yes if you ask them if they will want to spend time with you.

Get a mentor, read, be in person with him, listen to their podcast, manual, get educated.

Earn more, become more valuable, offer your knowledge and you will get more.

The more you know, the more you can support more people.

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What is keeping you back

Fear of failure, fear of succes

What is the difference from people that think they can do it, and people who cannot do it. They have an inside voice that is whispering and that is generating the electric and chemical response for the action or doing nothing.

Unconstious believes: implicit brain, thought that people are not aware of.Example:only proffessionals can have money, scarcity, having beliefes of what is possible or it is not possible.

In order to achieve something you want it may help you to change your focus on the beliefes that drive your behaviour: what believes to i have?

Discipline is the fundamental truth of achieving succes: teach yourself discipline.

What is the reason i want to achive that?Teach your body the discipline.

Start small: make yourself 1 command and 1 execution. Start with something ridiculous!!! Go and get a glass of water. and do it now! Every hour give yourself a command. Train yourself to reset every hour.

Everything what you do /don’t do , it is affecting your beliefes of yourself.

Take 100 days for teaching youd body a new habbit by working on that everyday.

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Celebrate yourself

I am proud if myself for : having children, being careful about myself, kkeping myself beautiful, studying about self developpment, enjoying my life, trusting myself, healing myself

I am forgiving myself for: allowing people to tell me i am wrong, not taking the time before 29 to change my behaviour, having bad beliefs about myself, staying around bad people

Commit to yourself for the new things that you want: i commit myself to not give up, i commit myself for loving my kids, enjoying life, travelling, having money, work and read everyday until i have everything i desire.

I care about my relashionships and they influence my live.

i commit ,yself to heala the trelations i care about

Think about engagement: investing in your life: everyday write a check for yourself. Keep believing you are going to get it. work for your dreaams everyday with engagement.

After you will get the mponey and everything else, you will have to take of them and use endowment to generate more and more of what you want and what you have.

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Start putting apreciation and gratitude in your life for what you have.

Someone started being grateful for having a pen, a paper and an eraser. If you Have those you can write your goals, erase your limiting beliefes.

When you are not grateful you are saying that you are not having enough and the law of attraction will give you more.

100 bills in you pocket always. You don’t need to spend it. Give thank people who are models of wealth.

Take 5 minutes per day and look around and try to appreciate the things that are around you. It could be the water, the food, the medical care, the house, the clothes, electricity.

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Tips for make money from the univers

Use your imagination and put details in everything you want. Write everything down and nevere give up.

You have to change yourself to be a rich person. You have to understand that if you will have money, you will have different habbits, and you will spend the time differently.

People who have money will have their life improved. You will think differently, you will be more happy.

Make a card to write your real goal, your money goal, like: I want 1.000. 000 euros. Read this goal daily.

Study wealthy people, how do they do it, what thouthts they have.

School will not teach you how to make money, you have to do it yourself

tools to study: perception intuition will reason imagination.

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My days used to be full with worries about the way i am spending the day. This is the most ironic example of how not to waste your time! Don’t think about worries! They don’t help! Worries are not good!

What if we could live without worrying? I used to be addicted to worries about all the things in my life.

I was raised so i would worry about everything everyday. My parents used to worry about everything, especially about money. So i grew up thinking that if i don’t worry, things are going to be bad.

Think about the things you could do instead of worrying! Think about the practical things that you could actually do to solve one situation that is really worrying you.

First you can identify exactly which is the thing that is bothering you. We tend to mix all the things up and then tell ourself we are worried. If you can identify the exact problem that is taking your peace away, you can actually think more clear about one solution.

Worrying is also part of depression and most people don’t really understand that. If you look carefully at the problems, you will find solutions in a more efectively way.

So the thing you should do is to examine your worries carefully and decide if they are really so bad and decide if be fixed by you. And if you think that you cannot help yourself, there’s always someone you can speak to and ask for help.

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Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi insine, am putea fi multumiti cu ceea ce facem.

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi insine, ne-ar placea  sa fim in pielea noastra

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-am iubi pe noi

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, nu am mai crede ceea ce spun altii despre noi

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, am fi mai buni

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, fiecare clipa ar avea un pret mai mare

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, am vedea ca avem timp

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, am indrazni sa credem in imposibil

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ceilalti nu ar avea acelasi impact asupra noastra

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-am imprieteni mai usor

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, nu am mai tine ura in noi

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, am iubi viata

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, am aprecia ceea ce facem

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-am urma visele

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-am da feedback pozitiv

Daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-am petrece timpul altfel.

si daca ne-am cunoaste pe noi, ne-ar pasa de noi insine.

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munca de jos

Intr-o zi ti-ai facut timp sa vezi

Si sa auzi vocea interioara

Care te striga parca la nesfarsit, din ce in ce mai mult

Si ai auzit-o si ti-a spus ca sa nu mai faci nimic, ca nu are sens sa tragi asa mult de tine

Pentru ca nu te grabeste nimeni

Si ti-a spus sa stai

Si sa nu mai urmaresti nimic obsesiv pentru ca te-ai implicat prea mult

Si daca nu esti atenta, unde te-ai implicat, acolo e greu

Pentru ca nu e vorba de tine acolo ci e vorba de visele altcuiva care sta si nu face nimic,

 insa tu muncesti si ii dai socoteala, pentru ca acel cineva te manipuleaza, ca lui ii e lene sa evolueze

si zice ca e mai bine sa pape ceva din ce o sa I dai, ca el doar iti da cu biciul, ca unui cal care trage

si la rezultate amandoi, pe scena, dar  la munca esti tu

singur la infruntat situatii in care ei te-au bagat si la care te-au facut raspunzator, sapalandu-se pe maini

asa ca vocea iti spune, dragul sau draga mea, nu fa nimic si ia de la capat totul  daca e greu

si vezi pe unde cari niste magari in loc sa care magarii pentru tine greul.

Ca daca cari, ai sa arati urat la batranete, ca o baba , fara postura si fara dantura, ca si dantura iti cade daca nu o ingrijesti

Si sigur nu o ingrijesti cand ai de carat prosti gramada in spate

Prosti care sunt destepti daca tu nu te prinzi si ii cari pana la mal si-I scoti din mocirla

Ca ei te-au vanat, te-au vazut muncind si au zis ca ti sunt sefi

Si tu i-ai crezut si ei te-au inrobit mai mult si mai mult

Pana tu ai obosit si nu mai poti

Si-ti striga vocea pe nume, copile, opreste te si zambeste , ca tu esti ok, inca esti pur,

ai doar un gand ce te tine on loc si nu vezi cat e de simplu sa fii singur.

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